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Crowdgift is a place where you can raise funds for customized products and anything you can think of with support of your relatives, friends, colleagues, social network or even clients!
Use our virtual money pot solution to raise funds for gifts and dreams that you really want to get.

How many gifts remain unused, discarded or re-gifted to other people?

Nowadays, there are plenty of unwanted products and services around the world.
Let’s think of what you really could have already bought by this time and want still to buy and raise funds for? Customise it and start raising money right now!
Why not to have money pot in one place for dream products, services, destinations, events, education, projects and anything you can think of.

When to use Crowdgift?

If you dream let’s say to get a new iPhone and you want it as a gift for a next birthday, but don't have money,
If you want to customise your wish list.
If you are tired of hassle when organize birthday gift for colleague at work.
If you want to exchange services for agreed money contribution with a client.
If you want simple buy flowers to your mom together with brothers and sisters.
Do you want to visualise your dreams?
Do you keen to achieve your goals and raise funds for them?

How it works?

1. Create virtual money pot for anything you can think of
2. Share with your family or friend and ask to contribute or reach this by yourself
3. Once you raised full amount, we will buy it for you!

Why us?

1. You save money, time and energy
2. Our virtual money pot solution helps you organizing things with no hassle
3. You cannot change mind as once raised full amount, because we will buy it for you!
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